A new online christmas experience!

Christmas brings many traditions along, but do to the world we’re living are changing, some are close to dissapearing.. Examples are sending out wishlists and christmas cards, that people rarely tend to do any longer, since maildelevery is used less and less these days. It’s a shame, cause everybody enjoys receiving a Merry Christmas card, and like to know what to give their loveones. Therefor it is time to some renewal and the introduction of the online versions of these traditions. Now it is possible to make an online wishlist that you can share on facebook or just send the link to the few you think should have it. If you’re interested in knowing more or would like a free account click here!

The christmas cards are available if you click here, and you will have a great amount of different cards to choose from, make up a suitable text, and then send the card on either mail or facebook. It’s all free, quicklier and easier than post delevery!

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